Pre – Stay: We are waiting for you.

As soon as the guest makes his reservation, he begins to live everything he expects at the destination, and also … Manage his stay!

Check-in Express

It eliminates waiting and collapses at the reception facilitating the collection of data of your guests before their arrival.

Touristics informations

It offers your guest everything that awaits them at the destination: touristics routes, recommended places and events in the city during the dates of their stay.

How to get

It offers the best option to reach the establishment from different points of the city. And book a taxi or a transfer? It’s also possible!

Stay: How can we help you?

All the attention the guest needs during their stay through the app.

Quick Issue Management

All incidents are communicated in real time for quick resolution. Before the guest leaves the accommodation!

Higher earnings

We increase the sale of services that complement the stay of the guest inside and outside the establishment, generating an extra income for the hotel.

Reduced printing costs

All information on hotel offers, events and activities will be available in the app.

Push notifications

“Party at the pool at 5pm!”

Send it to all your guests and increase the spread of your messages!

Post – Stay: We miss you.

Keep in touch with the guest after his stay and win his loyalty.

Satisfaction surveys

Measure guest satisfaction easily and intuitively.


Book your next stay from the hotel app, boosting the direct booking.

Submit Promotions

Send promotions and offers to increase the ratio of direct reservations. Without commissions!

Loyalty program

Programs of points to redeem for next stays or services inside the hotel.

Do you join the change?

The change in the tourist accommodation industry has arrived. The technology is here to help you improve your experience and to become reference establishments … Don’t be the only one to be left out!


Accompanied guests


Increase the reputation of the establishment in Social Networks.


Issues resolved


Happy guests

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